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Shamoya AnnaKay McKenzie also referred to as “Shammy” was born September 13, 2003, in the Bronx, NY to Byron and Nadine McKenzie. She received her early education at the Graham Elementary Middle School in Mount Vernon, NY. She was a very active student who maintained her academics. In her sixth grade year at Graham Elementary Middle School, she started her basketball journey with the Mount Vernon Junior Knights, an all-boys team. The coaches started an all-girls team, the Mount Vernon Lady Elite, and felt Shamoya would be a great addition. Shamoya was a budding star and coaches from different teams began to recognize her potential. She loved the city of Mount Vernon and felt the Mount Vernon Lady Knights Junior Varsity team was where she should be.


Shamoya was very compassionate, caring, humble, intelligent, lovable, respectful and family oriented. Like a magnet, she would draw people closer to her. Shamoya could be found at any time laughing and joking with family and friends. It was always a pleasure for her to help care for her younger cousins. She never frowned when asked to carry out a task.

She was loved by everyone, so quiet, so angelic, yet had a great sense of humor. Church played an important role in Shamoya’s upbringing. She participated in the children’s choir at her church, Bronxwood International Church of God. Shamoya’s basketball skills continued to excel and she wanted to make the sport her career. Her dream was to attend UCONN, the University of Connecticut and to become a part of the WNBA. Shamoya was a dreamer, an achiever and a little star in her family. She will continue to shine throughout eternity.

Shamoya AnnaKay McKenzie


The Shamoya McKenzie Foundation


The Shamoya McKenzie Foundation's mission is to provide educational and physical programs, reaching across communities, to ensure that children do not become members of street gangs. As well as to provide scholarships to deserving graduating middle and high school students.

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